Weather Conditions

June 27, 2019

Please note that the weather in Boston can change drastically throughout the day. A humid weather is typical for Boston, so make sure you bring all kinds of clothes. Check www.weather.com for everyday forecast. The average temperature gets up to around 5°C during the day but can dip as low as -5°C at night. Showers, rains, and snow are possible.

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Health Insurance

June 27, 2019

Before your trip to USA, make sure you have a proper medical insurance for the duration of your stay. Most probably, your public or private medical insurance in your country covers medical expenses in case of injury or accident during a short-term stay at the USA. For further information, please contact your local provider.

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June 27, 2019

To get information about tourist visa/ B1-B2 visa, please contact your nearest U.S. consulate or embassy. Please note that the Afro-Latin American Research Institute is unable to offer advice on visa. However, we can issue an invitation letter to help in the process.